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A great movement with a FANTASTIC message hits DDG
(much to my delight!)

eXtraneous additions

Here is an eXample of how I'm currently creating, heavily editing my AI artwork between MEGA renderings!

What's Old is New!

Update your older AI creations, or use them for new inspiration with your current creations! Review is an amazing app that helps visual artists describe and name their artwork.

Daisies and Do's

The surprisingly speedy artistic trends that are
revealed when creating with A.I.

Copyrights & AI art

Can we really claim copyright on our A.I. artwork? Can I place a copyright symbol on my AI art?

Social Shenanigans

Why is DeepDreamGenerator suddenly getting so social
with the masses?

Multiple Images

Getting four or more images from your prompt
is far better than just getting one is!

What's in a Name?

Giving your artwork a title can be just as important as the artwork itself is, sometimes even more so.

Colourful Creations

Using source images can greatly affect the
look and feel of your A.I. art creations.

Visual Prompts I

Create your own simple images to feed into
the AI and get it to follow you closely!

Visual Prompts II

Create your own simple images to feed into
the AI and give it lots of artistic freedom!

Say hello to Video

DDG intoduces a new animated
video option to their platform.

Giving it all Away

Why is anyone still surprised when they
find out their artwork has been stolen?

Looking Back

2023 was a very busy year for me,
but very rewarding artistically.


Why wait?
Make a resolution TODAY.

My Discontented Dreams

Poor "X". He's feeling sorry for himself once again, and he's willing to tell anyone who will still listen!

DeepDreamGenerator V.3

Some much needed changes arrive at the Deep Dream Generator.
Here is my review of DDG3.

Being Ghosted

Was it something I said?
(Maybe this is the reason I've been dumped)

A Deep Dream Nightmare

Someone needs to stop dreaming so deeply, and take a look at the nightmare that's just down the street.

Hauntingly Beautiful

The story about a Hauntingly Beautiful Prompt that was written by an other worldly being.

A Prompt is Forever

Once it's out there, a well written prompt that delivers great results can live forever! 

What's a Jacek Yerka?!

Once upon a time I had no idea what a Jacek Yerka was,
so here's a page to give him some eXtra eXposure!

Where is Everyone?

Why has there been such a noticeable decline in new artwork being published at Deep Dreams?

The PolitiX of Popularity

Have you ever wondered how some artists consistantly get their designs onto the front page at Deep Dreams? Try this!

Can A.I. create "art"?

The ongoing debate as to whether images created using Artificial Intelligence can be classed as artwork.

An Inspired Update

OK, so I've had a bit of a change of heart about the Inspiration Points at the Deep Dream Generator.

Applying Watermarks

For those who have asked, this is how I'm doing it,
plus the settings I'm using at DDG.

The Mountain Man

I've been editing my A.I. artwork,
sometimes with surprisingly good results.

ThanX to the Art Thieves

Trying to make something positive out of a nasty eXperience.
Sometimes it's tough, but not impossible.

An Uninspired Update

Deep Dreams' new Inspiration Points update
leaves a lot to be desired.


A history of this website.
Where it's been and where it's going.

About "X"

A little information about
a guy named "X".

Copyrights & AI art

Can we really claim copyright on our A.I. artwork? Can I place a copyright symbol on my AI art?