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eXtraneous additions
The things I do for ART
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Black and whate image of a women facing the viewer, her facial features missing as they get blow away to the right of the canvas. Clouds appear in the bits being warped away, and along the left side of her head.

Chance of Showers

A man with sunglasses and his mouth wide open looks at the viewer, the background on each side of him is filled with an eXplosion of colour, smoke and sparks.

eXplosive times

On the left stands a lone man, looking up at the sun in a black sky. To the right are many heads, stacked upon each other and looking at the man. In the middle is a single daisy flower whose stem goes off screen at the bottom. Entire picture is black and white, eXcept for the daisy which is in colour.

Follow the Leader

A close-up portrait of a dark African woman's face set against a black background. Extreme light and shadow exposes golden glitters on her skin and her eyes reflect golden X-shaped shapes.

All that Glitters

Image of a man's screaming face that appears to be trapped within a glass turquoise sphere.

Inside Voice

A woman with various neon colored hair is seen wearing highly reflective sunglasses and looking to the side. I the sunglasses reflections is a large letter X.

X-ray SpeX

A smiling man in a tee-shirt is seen looking at the viewer. He has various tattoos and a huge improbable green hairdo. Set against a dark background.

A Work in Progress

A woman with green glasses is lit by green lighting and seen against a tiling background of green letter X's. One lone X is the colour purple.


Black and white image of a woman of African desent wearing a head scarf looking off into the distance from the left side of the image. A solar eclipse is happening in the sky, and a passenger jet airplaneis also in the sky, flying towards the viewer. A large letter "X" can be seen, reflecting on a lake that it is standing on.

X's & O's

An elegant and sophisticated elderly woman is seen pictured with her multiple cats.

The Matriarch (2)

A psychedelic image of an African man with neon dreads and primitive clothing. He resembles a witch doctor. Composition is mostly made from red and green colours.

The doctor will see you now...

A psychedelic image made from mostly neon greens and purples shows a man with flowers in his eXtravagently eXaggerated hairdo. A psychedelic sky surrounds him.

Summer in the 60's

Mostly colorless image of blond twin boys in blue and white striped sweaters huddled together against a dark backgound with grey leaves.

Blue 2

Attractive young man with striking silver and turquoise hair is wearing a large emerald earring and shiny jacket. Turquoise spheres and background show off two realist peacock feathers.


A faded old photograph in tones of brown pictures a realistic caricature of a plump Queen Victoria wearing an X shaped earring.

Happy Birthday, Queen Victoria

Canvas is split down the center with mirrored images of women with rainbow coloured hair facing away from each other. A bright light source is seen in the upper center radiating beams of light that weave their way through the women's hair.

Let there be Light

A dark image of a man sitting on a chair in anguish, hands covering his face. The moon shining brightly exposes a figure in the background shielding his face from the light. A white dove is seen flying away and a withered purple rose can be seen in the foreground.

Elsewhere Now

A shiny green man is seen reclining in the clouds. Behind him is a green cloudy sky with a sun and sunrays.

Reclining Green Figure

A man with purple hair and a beard can be seen sulking in a leather recliner chair. Behind him is purple and blue mist in a dark background.


An attractive brown skinned woman with long flowing multi-colored hair is seen from a side profile. Behind her is a cityscape with and old pyramid and a new glass pyramid reflecting in the water. Green cloudy sky with large green moon.

The Tourist

A woman has a huge rainbow coloured hairdo that fills the canvas. A rainbow coloured daisy is seen in the forefront.

Springtime Sublime

A smiling man with arms crossed and bizarre hairdo is seen in his futuristic home which has digital displays across all the walls. A naked woman in high heels is seen in the background reading the displays.

Fred from the Future

A handsome young man with blue and green hair is seen in a daisy field against a dark black and blue sky.

Gay as a Day in May

A handsome black man in suit stands in from of an oval frame. Behind him are clouds going off into the distance.

Screenshot from a Dream 2

A face emerges from a busy city street scene.

City Boy

A woman in a flowing nightgrown is seen floating in space and hugging a lit up moon. There are stars and galaxies and the earth can be partially seen in the upper left hand corner.

Lunar Lullaby

Beautiful woman with very large red hairdo consisting of curls and braids is seen in front of an emerald green background. She has a red 'third eye' in the middle of her forehead.

Wooden Watermark

A planet with a grinning human face is seen in space, surrounded by stars and clouds.

Birth of a Brand New Day

A young girls with blue hair and in a blue satin dress holds up a large glass bubble that shows a smaller similar girl inside it. The horizon is filled with other glass spheres and the gradient sky is black on top and slowly brightens as it goes down to the horizon.

Endless Possibilities

Young man on the beach has short cropped hair, a white shirt, and is wearing sunglasses. He is seen looking off to the side and behind him is a vast sky with wispy cloud patterns and a large rocky outcrop with a little house on top. Black and white picture.


On the left side is a profile of a woman looking towards the right. The background is made up of grey and gold colored flowers and leaves.

Fantasy Floral Flashback

Bright orange and yellow flowers are seen in the foreground of an otherwise colorless picture. A man with a mustache and strange hairdo and clothing is seen beside the flowers, looking down at them. 2 clouds and a butterfly are seen in the sky, which is made from tiling square patterns.

Stop and smell the Flowers

A handsome young black artist is seen with arms crossed and wearing a green shirt. Behind him is a surreal and abstract forested setting that is dark green with hints of sunlight.

Through an Artist's Eyes

An atractive black woman has burgundy highlights in her hair and is wearing pink pearl earings and necklace. The grey background is made from black and white leaves and stems with pink flowers.

Pink Pearl

A pale white young man with huge spiked hairdo is wearing a tuxedo and standing in front of a cloudy setting sunset. The Earth is floating in the cloudy sky behind him.

Off to the Ball

A black and white woman with fantstically wind blown hairdo is seen against a background with golden hills and black background with sun shining.

Grey Girl

Four beautiful young sisters with wind blown multi-coloured hair are seen against a cloudy blue sky and psychedelic sun with sun-rays.

Sunshine Sisters

A beautiful woman's face is centered on the canvas, she has a large unruly whate hairdo with green highlights and there are branches with leaves in front of her. In the background is a night sky with a green full moon and wispy green lit clouds.

Here Comes Summer

A handsome man in a shiny black suit is seen against a dark and cloudy background. Branches with shiny gloden leaves take up a large portion of the picture.

Golden Hour

A young girl in a shiny blue satin dress is seen looking up at a levitating glass spere in the sky. She is seen with her back toward us and is surrounded by a sky of clouds that go off down to the horizon.

Ready to Fly

A large eyeball is centered in the picture, surrounded by flowers and leaves. The iris and pupil of the eye are also made from a flower and flower petals.

Nature Seen

A handsome young red haired man is seen wearing a black tee-shirt with a large letter "X" logo on it. A sun is seen shining against a black sky with occasional clouds, and 3 large red asian poppies can be seen along the side of him.

Shameless Self Promotion

A beautiful young woman with blonde hair and blue eyes is standing in a labyrinth. She has an apple on her shoulder and the walls have squared-off maze-like designs on them.

Apple of my Eye

A very hip 4 year old is seen from the shoulders up. She is downtown and has a very curly hairdo full of baby-blue and white ringlets and is wearing baby-blue mirrored sunglasses.

Changing Times

ColleXion 2

Here is the continuation from the above images. This colleXion shows the start of heavily edited images and images made from collages.

ColleXion 1

This is where you'll find all the images from X's (approX) first siX months of A.I. art eXploration at the Deep Dream Generator...

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